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OMB Officers


The OMB holds elections in May of each year.  The Officers for the 2021-2022 school year are listed here.


OMB President, Sandra Bennett

Sandra has been a music parent since 2013.  She served as the OBPA Secretary for one year and is serving her third year as OMB President.

To email Sandy, please click here.


OMB Vice President, Tenille Dewees

Tenille has been a music parent since 2015.  This is her first year serving as OMB Vice President.

To email Tenille, please click here.


OMB Treasurer, Becky Wells

Rebecca has been a music parent since 2012.  She was elected Treasurer in June 2022.

To email Rebecca, please click here.


OMB Secretary, Ali Verbanas

Ali is the OMB Secretary, serving since in August 2021. She has been a music parent since 2015.

To email Ali, please click here.


OMB Assistant Treasurer/Fundraising Coordinator, Noelle Topmiller

Noelle is the OMB Asst. Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator.  She was elected in August 2021. Noelle has been a music parent since 2014.

To email Noelle, please click here.

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