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The OMB organizes an executes several fundraisers throughout the year.  When you help your child fund raise, you help them and the band programs.

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Fundraising is Critical to the OASD Music Programs

The OMB holds fundraisers throughout the year for several reasons.  First, your child has the opportunity to earn credit toward events or music supplies through his or her music account.  This band account exists as long as your child remains in band or until graduation. Unused funds can be passed down to a younger sibling upon graduation.  Many students have used their credit to offset the cost of Music in the Park in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, band camps, and the High School Band and Chorus trip to DIsney World.

Secondly, the OMB helps to purchase critical supplies and 

instruments for the music programs at the OASD schools.  

Finally, the OMB offers a scholarship to graduating seniors who want to continue pursuing music after high school.

Check out our fundraisers to the left.

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